RA can feel like an
invisible disease

All of the action is happening within your immune system

The pain you feel with rheumatoid arthritis might be invisible to others, but it’s very real. It’s caused by your immune system attacking your joints. This attack can result in some of the symptoms you feel every day:

All of this inflammation can lead to joint damage, and once that damage happens, it may not be able to be repaired. Other symptoms can go beyond the joints, like fatigue and weight loss.

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this attack

Turning your symptoms into a diagnosis

You’ve likely felt your symptoms long before getting a diagnosis of rheumatoid arthritis. For some people, it may have taken a lot of persistence to get to this point. One of the ways your doctor reached this diagnosis was to look at your blood tests and exams.

These tests can reveal the unique characteristics of your blood, which are sometimes called biomarkers. Simply put, if you test positive for certain biomarkers, you may have RA.

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in RA

Planning for your treatment

Now that you know the source of your symptoms, you can begin treating them. Setting goals with your doctor is a good place to start. Together, you can decide what you want from your treatment.

Common treatment goals:

Reducing symptoms like
joint pain and swelling

Preventing further
joint damage

Helping to improve your ability to perform daily activities

When you start treatment with ORENCIA, it may take 3 to 6 months to see results. Individual results may vary.

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Recognizing the differences in RA

Once you’ve been diagnosed with RA, it’s important to recognize that the disease is different for everyone. Not everyone with RA is the same, and not all treatments are the same. When you recognize what makes you unique, it could help inform your treatment plan.

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