Transcript for "Out of the Dark"

This is a transcript for the “Out of the Dark” video found on the ORENCIA resources page.

Patient: I'm not going to lie. With moderate to severe rheumatoid arthritis, I felt totally in the dark. But then my doctor shed some light.

Turns out my blood test and exams revealed more than I realized.

Because people can have differences in their blood, and my blood tested positive for these two things, which means I'm dual seropositive.

The good news, ORENCIA has been shown to relieve symptoms like joint pain and swelling in many people, including people like me.

Narrator: Do not take ORENCIA with another biologic medicine for RA, due to an increased risk of serious infection. Serious side effects can occur, including fatal infections. Cases of lymphoma, lung cancer and skin cancer have been recorded.

Tell your doctor if you're prone to or have any infection like an open sore or the flu, or a history of COPD, a chronic lung disease. ORENCIA may worsen your COPD.

Patient: Knowing the differences may lead to bright possibilities. Ask your doctor if you are dual seropositive, and see if ORENCIA is right for you.